Become a SpeedIX Member

10Gbps SpeedIX peering community membership is 100% free without any recurring cost. Forever. No catch. You pay without money by joining the community and exchanging data-traffic with other members and use each other’s services. Although most data centers offer it for free, the only thing which can cost you one-time a little bit of money is the cross-connect and optics. That’s all!

If you have any questions, please let us know at

When you become a SpeedIX community Member you will receive:

  • A free 10G uplink at one of the SpeedIX PoP’ed¬†data centers.
  • A free 10G peering VLAN where you can peer with other members.
  • At some partner PoP’s (depending on the Partner his local PoP rules), a free 1G QinQ transport VLAN to other Members.
  • Usage of the redundant (peering) route-servers.
  • Ability to purchase additional services from other Members.

SpeedIX Member registration form:

Note: After you process this registration form, a NOC engineer will send you a LOA for ordering your cross-connect at the datacenter.


To become a SpeedIX Member you will agree to:

  • You want to join the SpeedIX for exchanging data-traffic with others and you like to use a Layer 2 VLAN to other Members.
  • You have at least one IPv4 /24 and IPv6 /48 (optional) and your own ASN.
  • You will only use your own IP subnets and you will never spoof others.
  • You will provide valid information during registration and allow it to be saved into the database.
  • You have read the service deployment specs.
  • You will respect all Members, Partners, and the SpeedIX B.V. community administrators, and the European or Dutch law.
  • You will use SpeedIX with only good intentions, and you will use the SpeedIX with care.
  • You agree that all SpeedIX services like BGP peering, Layer2 transport, VLANs, etc. are delivered by SpeedIX B.V., and there is no written agreement between you and SpeedIX B.V. You agree to work on trust, between all Member, Partners, NOC engineers, and others who are using the SpeedIX. In case of any (future) (paid) hardware upgrade(s) by a Partner its SpeedIX PoP, you understand that only the physical hardware upgrade is part of an agreement between you and a Partner, and never the SpeedIX (BGP and/or transport) service itself.
  • You understand that SpeedIX is a collective of participants (Members and Partners), where parties make use of SpeedIX without any obligation, were none of which accepts any form of liability. You will use SpeedIX "as is" without any guarantee, you promise and accept, never, ever to hold anyone liable for any form of (possible) damage.
  • Your details that are used in this registration form can be published on the SpeedIX website.
  • After your peering port is working, you will promise to stand up and give the community warm applause!