Become a SpeedIX Member

10Gbps SpeedIX peering community membership is 100% free without any recurring cost. Forever. No catch. You pay without money by joining the community and exchanging data-traffic with other members and use each other’s services. Although most data centers offer it for free, the only thing which can cost you one-time a little bit of money is the cross-connect and optics. That’s all!

If you have any questions, please let us know at

When you become a SpeedIX community Member you will receive:

  • A free 10G uplink at one of the SpeedIX PoP’ed¬†data centers.
  • A free 10G peering VLAN where you can peer with other members.
  • A free 1G QinQ transport VLAN to other data centers and/or other members.
  • Usage of the redundant (peering) route-servers.
  • Ability to purchase additional services from other Members.

SpeedIX Member registration form:


To become a SpeedIX Member you will agree to:

  • You want to join the SpeedIX for exchanging data-traffic with others and you like to use a Layer 2 VLAN to other Members.
  • You have at least one IPv4 /24 and IPv6 /48 (optional) and your own ASN.
  • Your will only use your own IP subnets and you will never spoof others.
  • You will provide valid information during registration and allow it to be saved in to the database.
  • You have read the deployment specs.
  • You will respect all Members and other Partners and use the SpeedIX with care.
  • Your details that are used in this registration form can be published on the SpeedIX website.
  • After your peering port is working, you will promice to stand up and give the community a warm applause.