Become a SpeedIX community Partner!

The SpeedIX is based on Members and Partners. A Partner is part of the SpeedIX physical infrastructure community.

Partner advantages:

  • Your datacenter(s) are known as official SpeedIX Point of Presence. Because the SpeedIX is the 3rd most largest Exchange in the Netherlands it’s a “must have” for every datacenter.
  • You will add value to your colocation services and probably will sell more racks.
  • – Your existing clients will be happy to use free 10G peering ports (and therefore will stay longer in your colocation facility).
    – It will attract new colocation users because users do not have to pay anymore for a default amount of peering or transport connectivity.
    – Your users will be able to purchase many more transit providers and be flexible in adding or removing them virtually.
  • If you have an own IP connectivity network, you can sell your services in any other connected SpeedIX datacenter. In most cases you will be able to do this without transport cost! Therefore selling is way much easier!
  • You will sell more cross-connects to your colocation users.
  • Your add demonstrable value to the European peering climate Better known as the Dutch “Maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen”). Your clients will be happy about this.
  • You can place the “Official SpeedIX Partner PoP” logo on your company website.
  • You offer a lower risk Internet Exchange to you clients. More you can read here.
  • Your datacenter will receive a metal “Official SpeedIX Partner PoP” plate which you can add on your entrance wall.
  • You are able to sell upgrades and extra services to Members on top of the free 10G peering port and 1G VLAN per Member. You can use your own pricing for your part of the network infrastructure. For example, when a user want to have a 10G vlan upgrade from you to another PoP, this user will contact you for pricing over your infrastructure and the other Partner for the other part.
  • If you have an own connectivity network, you can become a Member yourself and use the SpeedIX for free internet data traffic between other datacenters.
  • Once a year (in summer time) you can join the known “SpeedIX partner party”.

Partner terms:

  • You have your own (leased) dark-fiber or WDM paths which you (partly) want to add to the SpeedIX network to be a substantial part of the SpeedIX technical infrastructure.
  • You embrace the idea of community based data sharing.
  • You will take your responsibility to offer good services and will therefore monitor and maintain your part of the SpeedIX network infrastructure (or let some other party do this for you).
  • You are willing to connect your network to the SpeedIX and offer free 10G peering port with a 1G layer 2 VLAN to a Member. If needed, you will update your upgrade your infra to keep offering free ports to users.
  • You will respect the SpeedIX PoP location where other Partners already are located.
  • You are willing to use hardware which will only be used for the SpeedIX.
  • You will allow other Members or Partners to sell their connectivity services in your datacenter(s).

To apply membership you can contact