Become a SPEED-IX Partner

The SPEED-IX is based on Members and Partners. A Partner is part of the SPEED-IX and is able to sell or offer (for free) his additional services on his part of the SPEED-IX.

Terms to become Partner are:

  • You are the owner of a network or datacenter.
  • You will monitor and maintain your network infrastructure part of the SPEED-IX.
  • You will create a SPEED-IX PoP by using your own dark fibers or waves to an existing SPEED-IX PoP.
  • You are willing to connect your network to the SPEED-IX and offer free 10G peering port with a 1G layer 2 VLAN to a Member.
  • You have a own NOC support desk what is able to assist Members.
  • You will respect the SPEED-IX PoP location where other Partners already are located.
  • You are willing to use new hardware what will only be used for the SPEED-IX.
  • You will allow other Partners to sell their services in your datacenter and/or network.
  • You place the “SPEED-IX Official partner PoP” logo on your company website.
  • You are willing to sell extra services to Members on top of the free 10G peering port and 1G VLAN per Member.

To apply membership you can contact