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SPEED-IX Internet Exchange

The SPEED-IX is a non commercial peering initiative between Autonomous Systems (AS) owners. It is a community of networks owners that are all offering free 10G peering ports with a 1G transport vlan and try to sell their own additional services.

Members and Partners

The SPEED-IX is based on Members and Partners. A Partner is a network owner who offers infrastructure to the SPEED-IX. From Partners PoP location the Members can use the SPEED-IX for free peering and use additional (free) services of the partner.


The SPEED-IX was started by Serverius which offered free L2 data transport between its own network PoP locations. In August 2017 a peering VLAN with route servers was added to exchange data-traffic between BGP users. Also non Serverius clients where allowed to join the party and in August 2017 Atom86 became Partner which expanded the SPEED-IX outside Serverius. Later on this year some other networks will join. By offering free 10G peering ports with a 1G L2 VLAN per client the main goal was achieved. Because of the success of the peering exchange and free VLANs, the Serverius engineers changed the project environment to a professional Autonomous Internet exchange point. A new name was born: SPEED-IX.

The SPEED-IX has been created to encourage peering in general. Therefore we advise everyone to use as many other peering platforms as possible next to the SPEED-IX. Beside the unique new peering platform features, the SPEED-IX offers like any other internet exchange in Netherlands also default peering functionality. But also the default SPEED-IX peering functionality is a bit different then others because of the small amount of members there will be only a few BGP routes available. Therefore the SPEED-IX should not be compared with other existing Internet exchanges: it’s not a replacement of others. But when you want to use services and/or peering features what are not offered by other internet exchanges, the SPEED-IX will be a good solution. And of course its a non profit project, it’s free, and it’s allot of peering fun!

The SPEED-IX offers free peering

The SPEED-IX network is running on network infrastructure hardware what is not part of the Partner his normal IP network infrastructure. Although it will use CWDM/DWDM waves of the same fiber infrastructure whats used for the Partner his own IP network.

Partners of the SPEED-IX do not earn directly on peering ports but by selling upgrading L2 VLANs, extra 10G peering ports, management hours, datacenter cross-connects, IP-transit, AWS Direct Connect, DDoS/WAF protection, connection to other exchanges, Microsoft ExpressRoute and many other services they will earn from the SPEED-IX. And the most important reason of being a Partner is because they simply like it. 🙂