SPEED-IX Internet Exchange

The SPEED-IX is a non commercial peering initiative between Autonomous Systems (AS) owners. It is a community of networks owners that are offering free 10G peering ports with a 1G Layer 2 transport vlan to other PoP’s. 

Members and Partners

The SPEED-IX is based on Members and Partners. A Partner is a network owner who offers infrastructure to the SPEED-IX. From Partners PoP location the Members can use the SPEED-IX for free peering and use additional (free) services of the partner.

NL-NOG community supporter

The SpeedIX is build and maintained by well known engineers from the Netherlands which, in principle, wants to add value to the IP networking climate. Therefore it also supports the good work of the non-profit foundation Stichting NLNOG.


The SPEED-IX was started by Serverius which offered free L2 data transport between its own network PoP locations. In August 2017 a peering VLAN with route servers was added to exchange data-traffic between BGP users. Also non Serverius clients where allowed to join the party and in August 2017 Atom86 became Partner which expanded the SPEED-IX outside Serverius. Later on this year some other networks will join. By offering free 10G peering ports with a 1G L2 VLAN per client the main goal was achieved. Because of the success of the peering exchange and free VLANs, the Serverius engineers changed the project environment to a professional Autonomous Internet exchange point. A new name was born: SPEED-IX.

The SPEED-IX has been created to encourage peering in general. Therefore we advise everyone to use as many other peering platforms as possible next to the SPEED-IX. Beside the unique new peering platform features, the SPEED-IX offers like any other internet exchange in Netherlands also default peering functionality. But also the default SPEED-IX peering functionality is a bit different then others because of the small amount of members there will be only a few BGP routes available. Therefore the SPEED-IX should not be compared with other existing Internet exchanges: it’s not a replacement of others. But when you want to use services and/or peering features what are not offered by other internet exchanges, the SPEED-IX will be a good solution. And of course its a non profit project, it’s free, and it’s allot of peering fun!

The SPEED-IX offers free peering

The SPEED-IX network is running on network infrastructure hardware what is not part of the Partner his normal IP network infrastructure. Although it will use CWDM/DWDM waves of the same fiber infrastructure whats used for the Partner his own IP network.

Partners of the SPEED-IX do not earn directly on peering ports but by selling upgrading L2 VLANs, extra 10G peering ports, management hours, datacenter cross-connects, IP-transit, AWS Direct Connect, DDoS/WAF protection, connection to other exchanges, Microsoft ExpressRoute and many other services they will earn from the SPEED-IX. And the most important reason of being a Partner is because they simply like it. 🙂