– The Netherlands

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am emailing you on behalf of Autonomous System Internet Exchange (AS-IX).

AS-IX is a free and open Internet Exchange dedicated to improving inter-connectivity and reducing cost between networks.
AS-IX allows ISPs, Content Providers and Enterprises to quickly and easily exchange traffic at several data center locations in The Netherlands. At this time AS-IX is available at:
– NIKHEF Amsterdam, NL
– GlobalSwitch, Amsterdam, NL
– SDC1, Dronten, NL
– SDC2, Meppel, NL
– TCN, Groningen, NL

Why am I receiving this email?
We’ve carefully selected s list of content providers, ISPs and carriers that we believe would benefit of such a peering initiative (more so because of its non-profit nature).

How does it work?
AS-IX offers free 1/10Gb/40Gb ports at Serverius data centers plus any other sites mentioned above. AS-IX offers free of charge 10Gb ports for BGP peering and 1Gb private VLANs.

What do you get?

– One or multiple 1Gbps or 10Gbps ports at any of our connected locations
– A free cross connect at Serverius data centers.
– A free cross connect at NIKHEF data center (provisioned and labeled by AS-IX personnel)
– Route Server access
– Community portal access

Why join?
– It’s free!
– Low latency routes
– Regional traffic exchange strengthening

Available media types
– 1 / 10Gb SFP / SFP + (SR / LR / ER / ZR);
– 100/1.000/10.000 Mb (10GBaseT) RJ45;
– 40Gb QSFP + with SR4 / LR4;
– 100Gb QSFP28 + with SR4 / LR4;

How do I join? or simply reply to this email.

How soon can I connect?
Whenever you are ready! We do same business day provisioning.

This is a free initiative which we’re hoping to grow with community support. We’ve established contacts with major content and media distributors that may join the platform when sufficient potential is shown.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Best Regards,