Become a SPEED-IX Member

The SPEED-IX is based on Members and Partners. A Member can use the SPEED-IX for free peering and use additional (free) services of the Partner. You can become a Member, even if you are a not client of a Partner.


  • You are a network owner with an own ASN who wants to peer with others or you just like to use a Layer 2 VLAN from A to B.
  • You have at least one IPv4 /24 and IPv6 /48 (optional).
  • You will provide us valid information (your company name, company website, contact and peering details).
  • You have read the deployment specs.
  • You will respect all Members and other Partners and use the SPEED-IX with care.
  • Your company name and peering details will be published on the SPEED-IX website.

Join the SPEED-IX



Letter of Authorization (LOA) template