Speed Internet Exchange

The SpeedIX is a non commercial peering community of datacenter and IP network owners which allow others to use their network infrastructure for free.  All connected parties can exchange data-traffic for free and can buy or sell services without any transport costs.

It’s not just some another commercial Internet Exchange like others: we are a IX community! The SpeedIX adds value to the peering climate in the Netherlands. It gives power back to where it once belongs: sharing data traffic between parties without commercial gain.

Members and Partners

The SpeedIX is based on Members and Partners. A Partner is a network owner which connect a part of his WDM fiber infrastructure to the SpeedIX. At the Partner Point of Presence (PoP) datacenter location the Members can use 10G SpeedIX ports for free. All Members and Partners can exchange or sell its own IT services to each other. For example, a member can use its VLAN to buy or sell his hosting service to another Member in another datacenter. Or a Partner can sell datacenter cross-connects or extra port capacity above the free 10G amount to its connected PoP location connected Members.

Lower risk by SpeedIX

The SpeedIX embraces all other Internet Exchanges because we believe that only the widest possible connectivity infrastructure will make Europe stronger. But from a risk point of view, there are actually only two other Internet Exchanges in the Netherlands on which almost all the Dutch internet rely on. The consequences of any possible failure by an outage, (commercial) takeover or bankruptcy will be enormously disastrous. That is why the SpeedIX is not a single party but a group of datacenter network owners who are individually responsible for their own part of the network. Together they are the SpeedIX. These datacenters and the core routers are not only concentrated in the Amsterdam region, but they are also strongly represented outside this risk area. If one party falls away, then the others are still able to continue the SpeedIX.

NL-NOG community supporter

The SpeedIX is build and maintained by well known engineers from the Netherlands which, in principle, wants to add value to the IP networking climate. Therefore it also supports the good work of the non-profit foundation Stichting NLNOG.


The SpeedIX was once started by the company Serverius which offered free L2 data transport between its own network PoP locations. By request of  its clients in August 2017 a peering VLAN with route servers was added to exchange data-traffic between BGP users. Also non Serverius clients where allowed to join the party and in August 2017 Atom86 became the first Partner which expanded the SpeedIX outside the Serverius datacenters. Later on more Partners joined and the SpeedIX became the fastest growing peering community in the Netherlands.


In advantage of all current users the SpeedIX community is currently growing step by step. Goal achieved. Because of the non commercial interest there is no intention to become the largest or to beat others. If new network like to join we will welcome them. If it will stay like this or become larger, it’s all ok to us because the current community is already happy.